Citizens Seek Value – Consumers Seek Deals

Americans are convenience obsessed. We want fast cars, fast food and fast deals. On line is in, and the digital world of shopping is re-shaping our culture. Tech innovation, with the ability to reach scalable global solutions, is compelling, but what are the longer-term impacts on culture and community?

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No New Taxes (unless they’re lower)!

Income taxes are due, but up for review are property taxes. Up front and center is the proposal to allow seniors to transfer the property tax they pay to a new home, anywhere in California, at any price and as many times as desired. How does a community fair when a low tax base is transferred into the county?

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Don’t Bet on Stocks with Inflation Looming

With Inflation looming and the stock market doing the rolly polly, how can you mitigate inflation risk and provide more stable returns? Predictions for increased inflation are likely to pick up in 2018, making this year a year to consider investing in Real Estate. Learn the advantages and history of buying real assets when inflation is up.

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Proposed Tax Changes May Save or Cost Santa Barbarans

Under the state initiative to expand Prop 13, there would be no limit on how many times, or to where, a senior homeowner could transfer their old tax assessment. Santa Barbara estimates new residents moving into the county will reduce our tax revenues and our ability to provide services.

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