Fall has arrived in Santa Barbara, I don’t know about you, but I move a little more slowly in the morning and sip my tea a little more meditatively. I’m thinking about where I live, and how I can continue to refine my small space to appreciate the simplicity. RightSizing is about living more with less overhead.

Be More & Do Less

The more “have to’s” I have associated with my home, the more stress, For instance, “I have to change the outside lights” and “I have to paint the fence” the more dissatisfied I, and most of us are about our housing situations. Owning a home can be a joyous and nurturing adventure, but let’s face it -sometimes a larger home that is growing older is more work than fun.

Joy is about spending time the way we want to, not the way we have to. It’s about choosing to nurture a home that feeds you, rather than taking care of more home than is right for you.
When I suggest RightSizing your life, the goal is more time and freedom. RightSizing is about choosing. Ultimately RightSizing is about maximizing your resources to provide you with a lifestyle that allows for more of your life – with less to worry about.

Begin by looking at the home you live in. Does it serve your daily needs? Does all of the space get used? How far do you travel when you leave the house to shop, to visit friends to visit family?

In Santa Barbara especially, with prices as they are, maintaining a large home is expensive. If your home is spacious, with room for pets and kids that no longer live there, does it leave you feeling isolated?

Often what is right for us in our thirties and forties isn’t right for us in our fifties and sixties. When you RightSize your lifestyle you are looking for your daily activities to be supported by where you live. That might mean selling your current house and moving into town.

Look at how you spend your time. Is your life filled with stuff you have to take care of and activities others want you to do?  Nothing is more precious than time, especially as we start nudging toward retirement. Assess what percentage of your time is spent in upkeep and ask yourself how much joy that brings?

Your next question is what does your home cost in time and money. Is your time spent working buying you the home you want most? What would you be doing if you had less house to maintain?

Is Your Home Equity Providing you with Joy?

Most people say that spending quality time with your friends and family is what brings them joy. In that case, make sure when considering your new home that you allow for an open floor plan or indoor/outdoor living so you don’t lose your sense of having room for visitors. Maybe you don’t need two or three bathrooms any more, can you go from a three bedroom, two bath to a two bedroom one bath condo?

RightSizing savings in Santa Barbara can come close to a quarter of a million dollars!